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NatureStain™ Liquid Liner


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Carbon black and Black iron oxide free! Formulated with naturally obtained, plant-based, COSMOS-approved charcoal powder instead of Carbon Black, which comes from heavy petroleum and has potential health risks

What Makes It Different

* Contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which allows effortless and tug-free application and keeps the sensitive skin around the eyes hydrated

* A clean and safe must-have eyeliner perfect for natural and effortless look. Hydrating and mild formula makes touch-ups quick and easy at any time of the day!

* Contains COSMOS Approved Charcoal Powder (6.25%)


Ultimate Clean Eyeliner Inspired by Nature

Contains COSMOS Approved Charcoal Powder (6.25%)

Formula free from carbon black, black iron

oxide, silicone, PEG, and EDTA

High payoff despite lower percentage of charcoal
powder compared to that of carbon black and
black iron oxide found in common eyeliners

Sodium Hyaluronate (0.1%)

Enables hydrating and tug-free application,
providing anti-aging effect around the eye area

Each stroke glides smoothly on the eyelids to
create crisp and sharp lines


USA, Reach, D4/5/6 free, California Prop 65, Korea


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sephora clean

Texture & Finish

liquid, black, fixing





How to Use

* Shake well before use to activate the charcoal powder

* Prime and prep the eyelids first. Apply the liner along the eyeline as close to the lashes as possible.

* Wait 10 seconds with your eyes closed for the ink to fully dry.

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