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Bal masqué


Bal masqué

Face masks, the difference-makers!

Exposed to external stressors all day long, when you return home,

your skin craves care and comfort. The beauty of your skin reflects the care it receives. Open the door to your private “Bal masqué”; it’s time to shine!  

Make your skin smile behind the mask

In addition to your skincare routine or on its own, whether daily or occasionally depending on the type, face masks can be applied in various ways. On a lazy or busy day, simply applying a mask to your face can alleviate the burden of a lengthy skincare routine, giving you more time to focus on other tasks such as doing laundry or simply lying down to watch your favorite series.

Simply open the packaging, take out the mask, and gently place it on your face. Only a few seconds are needed before you experience a deep and relaxing moisturizing moment for your skin. Whether it's hydrogel or cotton fabric, infused with creamy, muddy, or watery formulas, let's enter the Masked Ball and find the one that suits your needs! 

Your Creamy or Watery Moment

This chilling moment is made and dedicated especially for you, remove the stress and let place to a soft and special moment. 


Clear and youthful complexion
As an alternative to retinol, Bakuchiol is known for its power on preventing aging such as pigmentation and maintains clear and healthy skin. Combining with Ceramide and Hyaluronic acid, it is the perfect fusion for fully moisturized and healthy skin . 

Have you heard about Munapsys™?
Munapsys™ is a botulinum toxin-like peptide developed by experts in neuroscience. This mask infused with this innovative peptide helps to synthesize collagen and boost elasticity.


Hydrogel masks are made from a unique gel-like material that holds a high amount of water providing high hydration in addition to active ingredients included in each mask. Plus, the gel texture has naturally cooling and soothing effect on the skin that can help reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation, making hydrogel masks particularly beneficial for sensitive or irritated skin.  


From thick to transparent
Active ingredients infused with the refreshing hydrogel mask will be absorbed by your skin turning the mask from thick to transparent. Centella Asiatica extract soothes, Hyaluronic acid and low-molecular-weight collagen infused make the skin firm and plump. What a perfect combination right? 

Melt vitality into your skin
The perfect balance of water and oil infused in this hydrogel mask melts into the skin, and glow up the complexion, providing gentle moisturization. 

Excess Sebum? Try out our no-rinse Mud Masks ! 

Excess sebum doesn’t mean no hydration! Yes, even if you have oily or sebum-prone skin,

it still needs proper hydration to maintain the right balance and reduce breakouts.  


Skin irritated by itching
Stressful skin due to external stressors? it’s time to soothe and clean up your skin! The combination of Calamine infused with the Mud mask, helps clear up the complexion by removing dead skin while Calamine agent soothes and relieves.  

Green Glow
Infused with the power of green tea, this mask gently removes impurities, controls sebum, and promotes smooth, balanced skin.  Green Tea has been known for years for its amazing skin benefits.



Antioxidant Yulmu Power
Yulmu, known as roasted barley, is not only enjoyed as a beverage in Korean culture but also offers potential benefits for skin health.
Yulmu contains antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can support overall skin health and contribute to a radiant appearance.

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