CTKCLIP’s groundbreaking innovation takes center stage

as it clinches the top position at the prestigious IT Awards 2024,

highlighting the brilliance and inventiveness encapsulated by Aqua-Zero Film Sheet.

Redesigning Beauty with a Sustainable Touch 

Redefining conventional notions of beauty, Aqua-Zero Film Sheet

underscore a steadfast dedication to sustainability, hygiene, and convenience.

Experience the Revolution in Skincare 

Step into a realm of revolutionary skincare and personal care, where the well-being of your skin and the planet takes precedence.

More than just a piece of paper! 

Aqua-Zero Film Sheet have a paper-thin appearance and upon contact with water, the film magically transforms into a gentle cleansing formula, creating a luxurious foamy lather.

Eco-Friendly Convenient

Wherever and whenever you need it, Aqua-Zero Film Sheet provide a convenient and eco-conscious solution to cleansing, nurturing a cleaner environment with every use. From facial cleansers to body washes and shampoos, a meticulously crafted range of compact-sized cleansers ensures eco-friendliness without compromising efficacy. 

Leading the Charge Towards Sustainability

Aqua-Zero Film Sheet champion environmental sustainability by minimizing water usage, rendering them entirely waterless. Moreover, their secondary packaging, crafted from recyclable PP material, enhances their eco-friendly profile, as it is recyclable. 

CTK Bio Canada Certified

The OK Compost Home Certification from TUV Austria that this product has received assures that these sheets meet stringent compostability standards, ensuring they break down into organic matter without leaving behind harmful residues. Additionally, the biodegradable certification further reinforces the environmental responsibility of this product.


Join the Waterless Beauty Movement 

Celebrate with us the groundbreaking innovation of Aqua-Zero Film Sheet at MakeUp in Los Angeles, IT Awards 2024. Let's redefine cleanliness with our revolutionary paper-thin formula, making a resounding statement for sustainability with each use.

CTKCLIP prioritizes eco-friendly beauty, using sustainable ingredients and packaging to minimize environmental impact. Our formulations are crafted with both consumer health and planetary well-being in mind, reflecting our commitment to a greener approach to personal care. Together, let's advance towards a brighter and more environmentally friendly future. 

Together, let's advance towards a brighter and more environmentally friendly future.


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