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Oops! I blushed

I blushed

Classic, Draping, Soft focus, Sun-kissed.. Blush can be applied in various ways to achieve different effects and suits different face shapes and makeup looks. Let’s get deep into the World of Blush and pick up your favorite style ! 


Oval, Long, Round, Triangle, Square… because all faces have their own shapes, an adapted blush will beautify your cutie cheeks.

I am Classy  Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, the rounded areas that pop up when you smile, then you have the Classic Blush Style ! Blend the blush upwards towards the temples in a gentle sweeping motion. This technique adds a youthful and natural flush to the cheeks. 


Try the draping style an make your eyes look like a beautiful flower.

Method: Blend two complementary shades of blush, one on the apples of the cheeks and another along the cheekbones. This method creates a soft gradient effect and adds both color and contour to the face.


Opt for a glamorous focus from your apples to your hairline enhancing your cheekbones.

Soft Focus Method: Use a fluffy brush to apply a light dusting of blush all over the cheeks, starting from the apples and blending towards the hairline. This technique provides a subtle and diffused flush of color for a soft and natural look. 


Go and get your summer look, as if the sun gently kissed your cutie cheeks.

This technique mimics a natural flush and gives a fresh, outdoorsy look.

Method: Lightly sweep blush across the bridge of the nose and onto the apples of the cheeks,

then here you go ! You got the classic "Sun-Kissed" effect!  

Girl, it’s time to pick up your fav!  

Powdery or Creamy? 
There is no special rules for blush texture, it all depends on your taste and how your skin reacts with textures.

What about the Color? Depending on your desired makeup look, you can adapt the blush color.

Blush comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose shades that best complement your skin tone and desired makeup look.

Pink: Pink blushes are classic and versatile. Lighter shades of pink can give a natural, youthful flush to the cheeks.

Peach/Coral: Peach and coral blushes are warm and flattering particularly for those with warmer undertones.

Sweet like Candy Youthful glow, brightening effects, the pink blush is a universally flattering option that works well on a wide range of skin tones. 

Blush in a stick Pink, Peach, Nude colors and easy to grab, this blush stick offers differents colors options and allows an easy application over the cheeks. 

Vibrant Cheeks on Fleek Reddish colors provides a bold and vibrant flush of color to the cheeks, creating a striking and eye-catching look that instantly liven up the complexion and add a sense of energy and intensity to your makeup. 

Subtle Blush on My Cheeks The wide tip of the brush allows a soft application and easily blends the blush. 

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