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Life in colors

 in Colors

Let’s be honest, there is no rules when it comes to makeup! Colors, shapes or textures, express each person's style. 

Go and draw the colorful lines of your amazing life and make your day become a real piece of art!  

Vivid eyeshadows

Don’t be shy to Add a Pop of Color to Your Eyes 

Eyeshadows have different roles as adding depth and dimension to eyes, emphasizing eye color,

make eyes appear larger, or simply because you decided to attract attention to the eyes. 


Upper eyes, under eyes, blurred, or more defined, the Retro Pop Shadow offers fully pigmented

matte colors that comfortably stays on your eyes all day for a long lasting colorful look.

Detailed like a Comic book Character

Draw outside the lines and get a glamorous look to your eyes. By adding black or vivid colors,

precise or blurred lines, create your own retro pop look right from a comic book.


Draw your own lines!
The pen type allows fine to thick lines, creating the perfect custom look adapted to your taste. No worries about smudge, the high adhesive pigments will stay on your skin all day long.


Take me to the depth of your gaze!
Blue, Gold, Purple, Red…Give a special effect to your look through colors lines, redefining and creating border lines.  

Mood Enhancement ? Self-expression ? What Else ?

We can’t deny that seeing on our lips an attractive shining color, makes us feel good and gives us

a kind of positive satisfaction feeling attractive and glamorous.

The eyes and lips are the two parts that we notice at the first glance and the two parts with which we can play with when it comes to makeup. 


Embrace Your Beautiful Smile and fix some pigments to your lips

with the Zero Finish Lip Lacquers that offer a fully opaque look and a long lasting matte finish.

Cutie Pink Cheeks 

Build your cheeks up and be cute like a “choux à la crème” !

Having tint to your cheeks makes you look younger and depending on the way it is applied, can create a sort of innocent look. 


I ♥️ my cutie cheeks. Pink or Peach, chose the desired color depending on your skin complexion.

The buildable Color Choux Stick Blush includes silky oil for a glamorous velvet finish. 

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