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Black don’t crack!

 don’t crack!

Proudly say “Black don’t crack!”
But what that means exactly ? We have all noticed that black skin generally age so well by having less visible wrinkles than white skin. Simply put, skin aging is due to its texture and elasticity. 

But does this mean that skin care should be different from a skin color to another?              

Break the stereotypes !

The only difference between black and white skin is the amount of collagen and melanin

that we can often find in a larger quantity from black skin.

Melanin is a sticky pigment

produced by the skin that works like sunscreen protecting from UV rays damage

that make the skin getting older. But still protection and care is more than needed.  

My Skin Flora
The skin surface has bacterias needed to stay healthy. If these bacterias are threatened, the skin is no longer protected. Lactobacillus in this serum balances the skin's microbiome and strengthens the beneficial bacterias, allowing them to protect the skin barrier from harmful external aggressors.  

The amount of melanin pigments doesn’t mean no protection needed!
Everyone regardless of skin tone should wear sunscreen. When exposing to sunlight, black skin tone can get painful sunburn causing high skin damage. The water-based of the Daily Water Sun Care Cream offering sun protection leaving a luminous and glowy finishing. 

Uneven skin due to dark spots ? 

All skin types are different from each other and has no link with melanin when it comes to daily skin care routine.

However, due to the production of melanin, spots could be easily seen on a darker skin!

Acne marks, insect bites, inflammation..

Although strong marks have to be treated by laser, skin care prevent and help the procedure.  

Time to take a closer look at  GET GLOWING !

Let’s clear up the skin by whitening the uneven parts of complexion.  

GET GLOWING is a range that target the root of melanin giving intensive care for pigmented skin due to spots. Strengthening skin barrier, the ingredients of GET GLOWING have also anti-wrinkles effect. 

Wrap the cleansing up 
After cleaning your face, toner will help removing dead skin and impurities stuck in your pores so that skin care can penetrate easily. 

Time for fusion 
Emulsion has to be applied before moisturizer and has the role of sealing hydratation. 
Focus on pores 
Get Glowing Spot Corrector will help clearing up your skin and opening pores to release the blockages that cause flare-ups.

More and more hydration please! 
As all skin get dry more or less faster, an additional cream can be added at the end of your skin care routine, that will provide extra hydration. 

With a proper skin routine and right ingredients,

uneven areas will be smoothed out, revealing your skin's natural radiance.

Now, you can shine with confidence from head to toe! 

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