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Glitter in my Eyes

 in My Eyes

We can’t deny, beauty is always better when enhanced by some sparkles reminiscent of the breathtaking Milky Way. Glitter is a symbol of luxury, class and glamour. Depending on how glitter is applied, it can be worn daily or for special events.

But anyway, if you want to wear more and more glitter even in your daily life, then go ahead and feel happy and stunning!  

Glittered Lashes

Partly or completely, depending on your taste, add some sparkles to your eyelashes or eyebrows

to give a more intense and original gaze. Get a glittering, majestic look at every blink! 

The Glitter Mascara Fixer can be added either with a regular mascara to give a shiny look, or it can be

also applied alone for a more natural look. The transparent jelly texture creates neat eyelashes without clumps.

TIPS : Can also be applied to eyebrows.

A Little Lighter

Adding light coloring sparkles on the top or bottom of our eyes may open the look and give a more glamorous style.

It can be worn along with a daily makeup, without having the feeling of going to a party, plus could make your colleagues' day shine! 

The long-lasting lightweight aqua glitter catch the light and give a watering sparkling effect creating a dimensional finishing on eyes.

This liquid lightweight water-based eyeshadow combines the perfect mix of pearl and glitter to create sumptuous eyes. The surface of the pearl is coated with silica to reduce rough surface of sparkly particles and provides smooth application.   

Let’s go thicker ! 

This look has more profound feeling, often worn during events or when we decide to work a little bit more on our daily makeup.

With eyeliner/ mascara or even without, this kind of eyeshadow type could be adapted to your own taste. 

LUX GLITTER SHADOW STICK   _  Go thick with a Stick
Lux Glitter Shadow Stick gives you control over the thickness of the application and the intensity of the glitter. The fine glitter in this shadow offers a perfect, smudge-free shine and an even finish for your pretty eyes, adorned with a delicate brown color. 

TWIST POPPIN SHADOW  _  Let’s Pop the sparkle ! 
The reflexion of this shadow gives a poppin color reflecting the light into holographic and chromatic shades. The sophisticated sparkling finishing is not too loud nor subtle, the perfect balance needed ! 

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