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Camellia Moist Toner


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Water toner containing camellia extract, which is particularly helpful for dry skin and atopic skin.

What Makes It Different

* Instant hydration and skin care.
* Mild formula available for sensitive skin.
* It doesn't clump even if you layer it several times, so it's good for basic care before makeup.


ㆍIt consists of the concentration most similar to the moisture the skin has, so it is layered several times to moisturize the skin.
ㆍMoisturizes the inside of the skin to add elasticity and forms a moisturizing film on the outside to express radiance.

ㆍCamellia flower extract that blooms after enduring the harsh winds of winter has a good moisturizing effect, which helps dry and atopic skin.
ㆍIt contains flavonoids and unsaturated fatty acids, which are known to be effective not only in moisturizing but also in anti-oxidant action.


USA, Reach, California prop 65, KOREA


Vegan, Cruelty Free

Texture & Finish

essence, liquid, soft



How to Use

* After washing your face, put it on a cotton pad and spread it evenly like layering several times.

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