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MakeUp in NewYork, Behind the scenes.


MakeUp in NewYork, Behind the scenes.

MUNY Exhibition in New York City

More than just an exhibition, a precious moment in the city that never sleeps.

After our recent participation in MakeUp in New York, right in the heart of Manhattan, we invite you on an exclusive backstage tour through this article.

During the exhibition, CTKCLIP exclusive services have been exposed and explained in detail to our visitors through different supports.

We were thrilled to be one of the few booths that set up interactive and eye-catching digital visuals, such as Kiosks and iPad, to provide the best experience for our visitors and encourage them to sign up so we can stay connected even after the exhibition.

Summary of what CTKCLIP offers and introduced

1. Thousands of ingredients packed in innovative formulasvarious packaging options and customizable cosmetics.

2. Exclusive services that promote quick cosmetics launches in no time, low minimum order quantities of quality products and promotional product samples (Speed to MarketMOQ1000, and Promotional Samples).

3. Inspiring contents covering beauty trends and beyond, bringing forth new ideas.


Presents for our visitors 

Additionally,  samples were provided to those interested in our exclusive Promotional Samples Service. Plus, every visitor to our booth left with a stylish CLIP bag specially designed by our team for the event!

After a day filled with beauty, 

Let's go to a trendy Rooftop!

CTKCLIP continued the journey by privatizing the famous Spyglass Rooftop Bar in the heart of New York, known for its breathtaking view of the Empire State Building. 

This cocktail party was important for us to meet up with our client in a more private setting and also put a face behind all the emails that we had been exchanging during that time. 

-'What’s your favorite show?'

-'What about your dreams?' 


Between two glasses, this moment was a great opportunity to go beyond professional lines and get to know each other better, surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere.

Chin, Chin! Cheers up with CLIP Team!   

A special moment calls for a special drink! We have prepared a delicious cocktail called CLIP SPRITZ. Conscious of different dietary habits, non-alcoholic and vegetarian options have also been carefully set up to satisfy all taste buds.

Reconnecting with our existing clients in person was a truly gratifying experience. Hearing their success stories and the positive impact our solutions have had on their operations reinforced our commitment to excellence.

Moreover, the exhibition provided a platform for us to engage in meaningful discussions with potential partners. Exploring synergies and brainstorming ideas to exciting collaborations and innovative projects. These partnerships hold the promise of expanding our horizons and pushing the boundaries of what CTKCLIP can achieve.

Wait a minute, the adventure is not finished yet! 

Let us meet again next year at Makeup in LosAngeles 2024!

All together, we're shaping a future filled with endless beauty possibilities.

From CTKCLIP with love   





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