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Pamper yourself from the comfort of your home. Immerse in this healing journey with our specially curated homecare formulations.

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Enhance brand philosophy and image with CTKCLIP packaging selection - thoughtfully curated with our exclusive know-how!

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Ultimate web Ampoule image 1
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Ultimate web Ampoule


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A timeless ampoule with a web-like network that holds skin texture and gives skin radiance and elasticity.

What Makes It Different

* Timecode recipe that takes care of the three codes that cause skin aging: barrier, inflammation, and circulation
* The palmitoyl glycine component takes care of the stretched skin in a web-like formula.
* As soon as you apply it on your skin, it has a natural glow effect to create healthy skin.


ㆍFormulation that stretches like thread absorbs quickly without stickiness and takes care of skin with dense effective ingredients
ㆍConcentrated ampoule that seems to be filled with layers of moisture and nutrition to the skin

ㆍPalmitoyl Glycine, which takes care of the three code causes of aging.




Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sephora clean

Texture & Finish

essence, chewy, nonsticky
Viscosity : Low



How to Use

* Rub it into a circle and let it absorb.