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Easy Grip Liner


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This Easy Grip Liner is 2.5mm slim and not necessary to get sharpened and it is easy to apply and blend to create an eye shape.

What Makes It Different

* It is a two-in-one product that can be used as a liner and shadow with smooth application without irritation and easy blending around the eyes before setting on your eyelids for a couple of minutes.
* This powerful long-lasting formula does not get erased by water, sweat, and sebum after drying, and it is possible to create clean and clear eye makeup for a long time without smudging.


ㆍSTEP 1. Fixing polymer: Quickly form a film when applied.
ㆍSTEP 2. Wax Blending: Set the fixing polymer strongly.
ㆍSTEP 3. High Density Film Former: The silicone fixer is completely fixed.


USA, Reach, RSPO, D4/5/6 free, California Prop 65, Korea


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sephora clean

Texture & Finish

Long lasting, Easy Gliding, High payoff, Smooth





How to Use

* After removing the excessive oil and sebum around the eyes, fill in the eyelashes and draw them by creating better shape of the eyes.