SPONGE jar 3.5

SPONGE jar 3.5 image 1
  • Description

    Powder jar with pin on cap prevents formula from drying out.

  • Benefit

    * Patented item (No1011386610000)
    * By tapping the brush on the sifter, it helps the powder spread evenly to the brush and adjust the brush load.
    * Easy to control formula dosage.
    * Pin on cap prevents formula from drying out
    * Hygienic usage without direct touch on the powder.

  • Fill Weight


  • Dimension

    Cap : Ø 41.10 x 14.60mmBase : Ø 41.60 x 28.60mm

  • Material

    Cap : ABS, Base : SAN, C-Packing : LLDPE+HDPE, Sifter : PP, Sifter ring : PP, Inner : SPONGE(POLYESTER)

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