Open mirror palette 4.5

Open mirror palette 4.5 image 1 Open mirror palette 4.5 image 2 Open mirror palette 4.5 image 3
  • Description

    Compact palette with a built in mirror and applicator which are popping up when slide the outer surface to open the palette.

  • Benefit

    * The mirror automatically stands when the Top Cover slids open
    * One handed open/close mechanism by slide technique.
    * Prevents mirror from getting dirty by shadow fallout.
    * Makes the mirror easy to see directly without unnecessary action.
    * Brush built in palette.

  • Fill Weight


  • Dimension

    82.00 x 56.00 x 13.80mm

  • Material

    Bottom : ABS, Top Cover : ABS, Housing : ABS, Slide : ABS, Pin : SUS, Spring : SUS

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