Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this contract is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the cyber Mall and users in the use of internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “service”) provided by CTKCLIP (hereinafter referred to as "Mall") operated by CTK Co., Ltd. (electronic commerce business operator). 

※ This contract shall be applied mutatis mutandis to electronic commerce using PC communication, wireless communication, etc., as long as it does not violate its nature.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

The definitions of terms used in this contract are as follows:

1 Member: It means a person who has concluded a usage contract with the company or is granted a user ID in order to receive the services.

ID: It means the e-mail address entered by the member for identifying the member and using the service and approved by the company.

Password: It means a combination of letters and numbers specified by the member to confirm that the member matches the assigned ID and protect the member's confidentiality.

Cancellation: It means canceling the usage contract after the company or member opens the service.

CTKCLIP: It means an internet site operated by the company that allows to check various information and usage details related to the services provided by the company to its members.

Mall: It means a virtual business office set up so that the company can trade goods using information and communication equipment such as computers in order to provide goods or services (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.") to customers and is also used as the meaning of the homepage of the business operator or company that operates the Mall.

Customer: It means a member and non-member who connects to the Mall and receive services provided by the company based on this contract.

9 Sample: It means something that are provided so that goods can be tested for the purpose of product development with the company.

Article 3 (Amendment of contract)

  • ① This contract can be amended based on changes in the business environment of the company or the business policy, and if it is intended to amend this contract, the company shall notify members abut facts that this contract will be amended and the contents of the amendment before 7 days (30 days in the case of an amendment that is disadvantageous to the member) from the date on which the company intends to apply the amended contract (hereinafter referred to as "effective date") in one or more of the following methods. 
    • Posting on the websites of companies and affiliated companies
      (https://www.ctkclip.com/ https://www.ctkcosmetics.com/ etc.)
    • Notification by email or phone
    • Mobile phone messages (SMS, LMS, MMS, mDM, notification talk, etc.)
  • ② If the fact of amendment of the contract and the contents of amendment are notified to members by email, telephone (including mobile phone), facsimile, address, etc., it shall be notified based on the latest information.
  • ③ In principle, the contract amended pursuant to the provisions of this Article (hereinafter referred to as “amended contract”) shall be effective from the effective date.
  • ④ A member who has an objection to the amended contract can withdraw or file an objection, and a member who does not withdraw or file an objection within 30 days after the notification in paragraph 1 is a member who does not withdraw or object to the amended contract, it shall be considered to be agreed with.
  • ⑤ Unless otherwise specified in this contract, the notification method in this Article shall apply mutatis mutandis to the notification or announcement specified in each clause of this contract.


Article 4 (Rules other than the contract)

If any matter not mentioned in this contract is provided in the relevant laws and regulations, it may be applied in accordance with that provision.

Section 2 Members

Article 5 (Membership)

  • ① The customer can agree by checking the contents of the contract, filling in the member information according to the registration form set by the company, and then checking the consent or disapproval of the contents of the contract. If the customer checks the consent part, it is considered that the customer has agreed to this contract.
  • Article paragraph 1 unless they fall under any of the following items.
    • If the applicant has previously lost membership by this contract
    • If there are falsehoods, omissions, or typographical errors in the registered information
    • If applying in the name of another person
    • If applying for the purpose of disturbing social order or public order and morals
    • If the prescribed usage application requirements are not met
  • ③ In the following cases, the company may withhold consent until the reason for restriction of acceptance of the application is resolved.
    • If there is not enough equipment for the service
    • If there is a technical problem
    • If there are matters deemed necessary
  • ④ The time when the membership registration contract is established is when the consent of the company reaches the member.
  • ⑤ All member information entered in the registration application form is considered to be actual data. Customers who do not enter their real name or actual information shall not be legally protected and may be subject to service restrictions.
  • ⑥ If there are any changes in the registration items at the time of membership registration, the member shall immediately notify the Mall of the changes by e-mail or other means. The company is not liable for any disadvantages caused by not notifying the company of this.

Article 6 (Membership withdrawal and disqualification, etc.)

  • ① Members can cancel the contract with the company and request withdrawal at any time, and the company shall immediately process the membership withdrawal upon the request.
  • ② If a member falls under any of the following reasons, the company may limit, suspend or lose membership.
    • If the member registers false information when applying for registration
    • If the price of goods purchased using the Mall and other debts borne by the member regarding the use of the Mall are not paid on the due date
    • If threatening the order of electronic commerce, such as obstructing the use of other people's services or stealing that information
    • If the member intentionally interferes with the operation of the service
    • If disseminating a computer virus program that induces malfunction of information and communication equipment or destruction of information, etc.
    • If the service is used in an abnormal way by using malfunction of information and communication equipment, error phenomenon, etc.
    • If the personal information, user ID and password of another person are used illegally
    • If copying or distributing information obtained using company service information without the prior consent of the company, or for commercial use
    • If using the service, the law or these contracts prohibit or act against public order and morals
    • If acting to hurt the honor of another person or give a disadvantage
    • If a large amount of information is sent or advertising information is sent for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service
    • If infringement of the intellectual property rights of the company, other members or others
    • If there is a request for correction from an external organization such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or if the election administration committee is interpreted in connection with an illegal campaign.
    • If the member posts obscene materials on the homepage or bulletin board or links an obscene site
    • If the member violates the terms of use and related laws and regulations set by the company, including this contract
  • ③ If the company loses membership, the membership registration shall be cancelled. In this case, the member shall be notified to that effect and shall be given the opportunity to disclose the information for a period of at least 30 days before the cancellation of the membership registration.

Article 7 (Notification to members)

  • ① If the company notifies the member, the member can use it as a means registered in the specified e-mail address and the information registered at the time of registration by contracting with the company in advance.
  • ② In the case of notification to an unspecified number of members, the company can replace it with individual notification by posting it on the online service bulletin board for at least one week. However, the company shall notify the member individually of matters that have a significant impact on the member's transactions.

Section 3 Provision and use of services

Article 8 (Company's obligations)

  • ① The company cannot disclose or distribute the personal information of members acquired in connection with the provision of services to others without the prior consent of the member. However, this does not apply if one of the following items applies.
    • If requested by a national institution pursuant to the provisions of the Telecommunications Business Act, etc.
    • If there is an investigative purpose for a crime or at the request of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
    • If requested by procedures stipulated in relevant laws and regulations
  • ② The company can create and use statistical data on all or part of the personal information of the member related to the business, and send the member's computer cookie through the service within the scope of paragraph 1. In this case, the member may refuse to receive cookies or change the settings of the browser of the computer used to warn about the reception of cookies.

Article 9 (Member's obligations)

  • ① The member must not do any of the following when using the service.
    • Act of the unauthorized use of another member's ID
    • Act of copying the information obtained from the service for purposes other than the use of the member, using it for modification, publishing, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to others without the prior consent of the company.
    • Act that infringes other rights such as the copyright of the company and the copyright of others
    • Act of posting, disclosing information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate company policy, public order, public order and morals, or disseminating it to others
    • Act that objectively judges that it shall lead to a crime
    • Act that violates other related laws and regulations
  • ② The member must comply with relevant laws and regulations, matters stipulated in this contract, service usage guidance and precautions.
  • ③ The member must either post the service notices by the company according to the content, or comply with the usage restrictions separately announced.
  • ④ The member may not engage in any commercial activities by using the service without the prior consent of the company.

Article 10 (Member's obligation to manage member ID and password)

  • ① The member shall be responsible for all management of IDs and passwords. The member shall be solely responsible for all consequences of negligence and misuse of the IDs and passwords given to the member.
  • ② The member must notify the company of any unauthorized use of their ID or other security breaches.

Article 11 (Provision of information)

The company can provide various information related to the member's use of services such as company brand products, related brand sites, store information, events, etc. to the member by e-mail, letter mail, etc. If the member does not want it, the member can refuse to receive information from My Profile menu inside.

Article 12 (Transactions with advertisers)

The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of any communication or transaction that is posted on the services or that the member participates in the promotional activities of advertisers through the Services.

Article 13 (Member's posting)

The company shall not be responsible for the contents posted, posted, e-mailed or forwarded to others through this service, and if it is judged that one of the following items applies, it can be deleted without prior notice.

  • If the content is defaming other members or others, infringing privacy, or defaming other members or defamation plots.
  • If there is a risk of hindering the stable operation of the service
  • If the content is deemed to be related to criminal activity
  • If the content infringes other rights such as the intellectual property rights of the company and the intellectual property rights of others.
  • If the posting period specified by the company is exceeded
  • If it is determined that it violates other related laws and regulations

Article 14 (Rights and responsibilities for posting)

  • ① The copyright and other intellectual property rights to the copyrighted works created by the company belong to the company.
  • ② The member must not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast or otherwise commercialize the information to which the intellectual property rights belong to the company among the information obtained by using the services of the company without the prior consent of the company for any purpose of profit or let a third party use it.
  • ③ If the company uses the copyright belonging to the member based on the contract, it shall notify the member.
  • ④ If the copyrighted work posted by the member infringes the rights of the company or a third party, or if there is a reasonable reason to consider it to be offensive to public order and morals, the company can arbitrarily delete it and notify the member of this.

Article 15 (Consultation bulletin board)

  • ① The content of the answer to the consultation is a subjective answer based on the knowledge of each expert. The company does not represent the opinion of the answer.
  • ② Each expert can refer to the consultation content and answers for an appropriate answer to the member's application.
  • ③ The consultation content provided by the service can be used as part of the service content such as academic activities, printed matter and other writing activities, and FAQs after deleting personal information.
  • ④ If applying for the following consultation, the consultation service shall not be provided.
    • If repeatedly applying for consultation with same contents
    • If applying for consultation using expressions that are out of the ordinary
    • If applying for a consultation requesting a diagnosis name
    • If applying for a consultation regarding treatment costs, examination costs, drug prices, etc.
    • If the company determines that the consultation is not appropriate

Article 16 (Service usage time)

  • ① The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a business or technical obstacle to the company or other special reasons. However, if the company is required to inspect the equipment, or if there is an obstacle to the use of the service due to force majeure such as equipment failure or congestion of service use, all or part of the service use may be restricted exceptionally. 
  • ② The company can separately set the service usage time for some of the services provided, in which case the member shall be notified or announced of the usage time in advance.

Article 17 (Responsibility for using services)

  • ① Based on the B2B service, the company shall provide the sample at the service level under the condition that the prescribed shipping cost and packing cost borne by the member, which are incurred when providing the sample requested for the purpose of product development.


  • ② The company's "Mall" shall carry out the procedure to confirm the business registration certificate on the B2B service platform, and due to the characteristics of the service, provide the requested sample for the purpose of testing. Therefore, the customer cannot claim any rights from the company and the company provides them on the premise that they do not claim any rights, and the company does not take any responsibility in providing the products.


  • ③ The customer must not resell, distribute, transfer, dispose, reuse, profit, etc. the sample, and the customer applies for the service on the premise of complying with this.


  • ④ If the sample provided is different from the one requested or if the customer receives a damaged sample, within 7 days from the date of receipt, the customer can contact the company through "ASK US" or the assigned person with a photo of the product.


  • ⑤ The member cannot use the service to carry out sales activities to sell illegal products, especially hacking, money-making advertisements, commercial activities by nasty sites, illegal distribution of commercial software, etc. The company shall not be liable for any loss, legal action, etc. by related organizations as a result of business activities that occur in violation of this.

Section 4 Personal information protection

Article 18 (Collection and use of personal information, etc.)

  • ① The company collects the minimum information necessary to provide the service with the consent of the customer who intends to register as a member, and collects additional information not only at the time of registration but also as necessary for the operation of the membership system during the registration period.
  • ② In the event of a change in personal information or theft of another person, the member cannot receive continuous service benefits and protection of personal information without notifying the customer center of the company or affiliated company. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by neglecting this.
  • ③ The member's personal information collected through this contract shall be used to provide high-quality services to the member and shall not be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected.
  • ④ The purpose of use of personal information may change due to changes in the member's service. In this case, the company shall notify the member in advance according to the procedure stipulated in this contract. If the member does not file an objection with the company within 30 days after the company announces or notifies the fact of the change in relation to personal information, it is considered that the member agrees to the provision and use of the changed personal information to the company and affiliated companies. However, the member may nevertheless withdraw this consent at any time.
  • ⑤ The company may collect and process customers' personal information for the purpose of issuing tax invoices and receipts.

Article 19 (Others)

  • ① The company discloses the personal information processing policy for the personal information of members, and operates the personal information policy accordingly.
  • ② Members can check the details regarding the processing of their own personal information on the first screen of the homepage through the company's Internet homepage personal information handling policy.

Section 5 Homepage related

Article 20 (Member ID and password)

  • ① The member who wishes to use the homepage service must set a member ID and password based on the provisions of CTKCLIP and affiliated companies, and register separately.
  • ② The member who uses the homepage service must manage own member ID and password and must not allow a third party to use them. In principle, the member is responsible for managing the member ID and password.
  • ③ If the member recognizes that the ID and password are stolen or being used by a third party, the member must immediately notify the “Mall” and follow the “Mall” guidance, if any.

Article 21 (Member's obligations)

  • ① The member must not do the following when using the company’s homepage service.
    • Personal information related: Registration of false content and plagiarism of other people's information when applying for membership registration or changing information
    • Intellectual property rights: Damages such as unauthorized changes and deletions of information posted on "Mall" and infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of third parties
    • Other inappropriate acts: Sending or posting information other than the information specified by the "Mall" (computer programs, etc.), damaging the honor of a third party, obstructing business, and posting obscene or violent images, sounds and letters on the homepage that are offensive to public order and morals
  • ② “Mall” can take necessary measures such as deleting notices for acts in which members violate the obligation of paragraph 1.

Article 22 (Responsibility for connecting to websites, etc.)

If CTKCLIP and other affiliated company websites are linked by various links, the company are not responsible for any transactions that CTKCLIP and affiliated company members make independently with the linked websites.

Article 23 (Intellectual property rights related)

  • ① The copyright and other intellectual property rights to the works created by "Mall" belong to "Mall".
  • ② The member cannot copy, transmit, publish, distribute or broadcast the information obtained by using the "Mall" for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the "Mall", or allow a third party to use it.
  • ③ If the information posted on the homepage by the member infringes the intellectual property rights of another person, the member must bear all civil and criminal liability arising from it.

Article 24 (Dispute resolution regarding the use of homepage services)

If the member is dissatisfied with the use of the "Mall" service and contacts the operator of the homepage, the Mall shall handle the member's dissatisfaction promptly and in good faith.

Section 6 Others

Article 25 (End of service)

If the Mall or affiliated company closes the service under this contract due to unavoidable reasons such as abolition, integration of sales department, business transfer, merger or split, change of management policy, etc., it shall be announced at least 15 days prior to the estimated closing date.

Article 26 (Responsibility in case of contract violation)

The member of the "Mall" shall implement the contents of this contract based on the integrity of mutual beliefs, and the consequences of this contract breach shall belong to the responsible party.


Article 27 (Clarification and explanation of contracts, etc.)

  • ① The Mall shall post the contents and trade name of this contract, the name of the representative, the address of the business office, the telephone number, the fax transfer number, the e-mail address, the business registration number, the mail sales business declaration number, the person in charge of personal information management, etc. on the initial screen of the Mall so that customers can easily check. However, the contents of the contract can be viewed by the customer through the connection screen.
  • ② The Mall has a separate connection screen or pop-up screen so that the customer can understand the important contents such as withdrawal of contract application, delivery liability, refund conditions, etc. among the contents specified in the contract before the customer agrees to the contract to ask for customer confirmation.
  • ③ The Mall can amend the contract to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as the consumer protection act in electronic commerce, contract regulation act, electronic transaction basic act, electronic signature act, information and communication network usage promotion act, personal information protection act, door-to-door sales act.

Article 28 (Provision and change of service)

  • ① The Mall is engaged in the following operations.
    • Provision of information on goods or services and conclusion of purchase contracts
    • Delivery of goods for which a purchase contract has been concluded
    • Provision of services related to purchase contracts and delivery
    • Customer response and processing for the service
    • Other operations specified by the Mall
  • ② In case where there is out of stock or the technical specifications are changed, the Mall can change the contents of the goods provided by the contract concluded in the future. In this case, the company shall clearly indicate the contents of the changed goods, etc. and the date and time of provision, and immediately notify the place where the contents of the current goods, etc. are posted.
  • ③ If the content of the service for which the Mall has signed a contract with the customer is changed due to reasons such as out of stock of goods or changes in technical specifications, the reason shall be notified immediately to the customer by a method that can be notified.
  • ④ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company shall compensate the customer for damages caused. However, this does not apply if the Mall proves that there is no intention or negligence.

Article 29 (Interruption of service)

  • ① The Mall can temporarily suspend the service by notifying the fact of the temporary suspension of service provision when a reason such as maintenance, inspection, replacement and failure of telecommunications equipment such as a computer, or communication interruption occurs.

Article 30 (Purchase application)

The customer must apply for a purchase at the Mall in the following or similar manner, and the Mall must provide each of the following in an easy-to-understand manner when the customer makes a purchase application. However, in case of the member, the application of items 2 to 4 can be exempted.

  • Search and select goods, etc.
  • Enter name, address, phone number, email address, mobile phone number, etc.
  • Check the contents of the contract, services for which the right to withdraw the contract is restricted, shipping charges, installation costs, and other costs.
  • Display that agrees to this contract and confirms or rejects item 3
  • Consent to purchase application for goods, etc. and confirmation regarding this or confirmation of Mall
  • Select payment method

Article 31 (Conclusion of purchase contract)

  • ① The Mall may not accept the customer's application if the following items apply to the customer's purchase application. However, in the case of a contract concluded by a child, the child or his / her legal agent may cancel the contract if the consent of the legal agent is not obtained.
    • If the application content is false, missing, or typographical
    • If a child purchases without parental consent
    • If it is judged that there is a significant technical problem in accepting the purchase application
  • ② The consent of the Mall shall be transmitted to the customer in the form of an email after the order is completed, and the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded when the email reaches the customer.
  • ③ The manifestation of consent of the Mall includes information such as confirmation of the customer's purchase application, availability of sales, correction cancellation of the purchase application, etc.


Article 32 (Payment method)

The payment method for goods purchased at the Mall can be one of the following items. However, the payment method is subject to change due to the company's business policy or other circumstances.

  • Various fund transfers such as telephone banking, internet banking, and email banking
  • Various card payments such as prepaid card, debit card, credit card, etc.
  • Other payment methods specified by the Mall

Article 33 (Notification of receipt confirmation, change and cancellation of purchase application)

  • ① If there is a customer's purchase application, the Mall shall notify the customer of receipt confirmation.
  • ② The customer who received the receipt confirmation notice can request the change or cancellation of the purchase application immediately after receiving the receipt confirmation notice through the Mall's website or telephone if there is a disagreement in the manifestation of intention. If there is a customer's request, the Mall must process it according to the request. However, if the customer have already paid the price, the withdrawal policy of the contract application shall be followed.
  • ③ If the customer requests a change or cancellation, and the Mall cannot control its progress, it must be treated as a return and shall follow the process of withdrawing the contract application.

Article 34 (Delivery)

  • ① As long as there is no separate agreement regarding the supply time of goods with the customer, the Mall shall take other necessary measures such as custom-made and packaging so that the goods can be delivered within 7 days from the date when the customer concludes the contract. However, if the Mall has already received all or part of the price of goods, etc., the Mall shall take necessary measures to supply the goods, etc. within 3 business days from the date of receiving all or part of the price. At this time, the Mall shall take appropriate measures so that the customer can check the supply procedure and progress of goods.
  • ② The Mall shall clearly indicate the delivery method, the delivery cost bearer for each method, the delivery period for each method, etc. for the goods purchased by the customer. If the contracted delivery period is exceeded due to the intention or negligence of the Mall, the Mall shall have to compensate for the damage caused by it. However, this does not apply if the Mall proves that there is no intentional negligence.
  • ③ The Mall must properly wrap the products so that they shall not be damaged during the delivery process. A document stating (hereinafter referred to as "supply document") shall be attached to goods and sent to the consumer.


Article 35 (Refund)

If the Mall cannot deliver or provide the goods that the customer applied for purchase due to reasons such as out of stock, the Mall shall notify the customer of the reason without delay, and if the price of the goods etc. is received in advance, the Mall shall refund it within 3 business days from the date of receiving the price or take the necessary steps to refund.

Article 36 (Withdrawal of contract application, etc.)

  • ① The customer who has signed a contract with the Mall regarding the purchase of goods, etc., can withdraw the contract application within 7 days from the date when the document regarding the contract details is delivered (however, if the supply of goods, etc. is delayed from the time when the document was delivered, it shall be within 7 days from the supply of goods received or the supply being started.
  • ② if the customer receives the delivery of goods, etc., the customer cannot return or exchange the goods if any of the following items apply.
    • If the goods are lost or damaged due to the customer's responsibility (however, if the packaging is damaged to check the contents of the goods, the contract application can be withdrawn)
    • If the value of goods, etc. is significantly reduced due to customer use or partial consumption
    • If the value of goods, etc. has decreased so much that it is difficult to resell them over time.
    • If the packaging of the original goods is damaged when it is possible to duplicate goods with the same performance
  • ③ In the case of items 2 to 4 of the preceding paragraph, the customer's withdrawal contract is not restricted if the Mall does not indicate the fact of restriction of application withdrawal in a place that is easy for the customer to recognize in advance.
  • ④ Regardless of the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, if the contents of goods are different from the indication or advertisement contents or contract contents are performed differently from the contract contents, the customer can withdraw the contract with 3 months from the date of receiving the supply of the goods or from the date when the customer finds out it or can find out it.

Article 37 (Effects of withdrawal of contract application, etc.)

① When the Mall receives a return of goods from the customer, the Mall shall refund the price of the goods already paid within 3 business days. In this case, if the refund of goods is delayed to the customer of the Mall, the late interest calculated by multiplying the late interest rate announced by the Fair Trade Commission for the delay period shall be paid.

  • ② In case of refund of the price, when the customer pays the payment method such as credit card or electronic money for the goods, the Mall immediately request the business operator who provided the payment method to stop or cancel the payment.
  • ③ In the case of withdrawal of contract application, the customer basically bears the cost required to return the received goods. The Mall shall not claim penalties or damages from the customer for reasons such as withdrawal of the contract application. However, if the content of the goods is different from the content of the displayed advertisement, or if the contract is performed differently and the application for the contract is withdrawn, the Mall shall bear all the expenses necessary for returning the goods.
  • ④ If the customer wishes to refuse receipt or refund, the customer shall bear the shipping fee (round-trip shipping fee if the first purchase is free shipping, one-way shipping fee if the customer prepaid) and the bank transfer fee, and actual refund of the Mall shall be made after the return of the item is confirmed.
  • ⑤ In the case of exchange returns due to customer's change of mind, the round-trip shipping fee shall be borne by the customer.
  • ⑥ If the item is returned or reshipped due to the customer's absence or unknown recipient's address, the shipping fee shall be borne by the customer.
  • ⑦ At the time of all returns, the customer must return the gift and giveaway from the promotional act, and if the customer uses the gift, the Mall can deduct the amount and pay accordingly. However, it shall not be the case if the return is made due to the responsibility of the Mall.

Article 38 (Disclaimer)

  • ① The company shall be exempted from liability if a failure to use the service occurs due to the member's responsibility.
  • ② The company shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by the member not obtaining the expected profit from the provision of services of the company, or by selecting or using service materials.
  • ③ The company shall be exempted from liability for the information, materials, factual reliability, accuracy, etc. posted on the service by the member.

Article 39 (Competent court)

  • ① Matters not stipulated in this contract and the interpretation of this contract shall be processed in accordance with relevant laws and business practices of the Republic of Korea.
  • ② For various disputes and proceedings regarding the use of services under this contract, the court having jurisdiction over the member's address or the Seoul Central District Court shall be the court of first instance.

Article 40 (Personal information)

  • ① The company prepares personal information processing guidelines in relation to the customer's personal information, provides them to the customer in advance, and seeks consent, and all matters related to the customer's personal information shall follow.
  • ② All matters related to customer's personal information shall be applied and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and matters not stipulated in this shall be subject to personal information related laws and regulations.


- Supplementary Provisions -

Enforcement date: It shall be enforced from 2022.01.08


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