EL001-Mini pencil 0.13 image 1
EL001-Mini pencil 0.13 image 1

EL001-Mini pencil 0.13


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Dial type auto eyeliner pencil.

* The length of the pencil can be extended by plugging the cap on the bottom of the pencil for a better grip.
* The mini size is highly portable and easy to carry around in a small bag/clutch.
* Dial type mini size eyeliner.
* Less the weight loss with airtightness structure.
* Mini Block liner pencil can reduce the use of plastic by about 30% (Mini pencil use 3g of plastic on the average, 2pi pencil use 5 to 6g of plastic).

Fill Weight



Ø 7.80 x 93.84mmOrifice: Ø 2.00


Cap : PP, Head : ABS, Body : ABS, Cup : POM, Screw : POM