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Real cell illuminating serum


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* Amethyst extract purifies the skin and completes clear and glossy skin.
* Contains high contents of ceramide and phytosphingosine to improve barriers and create a moisturizing synergy effect.
* Elastic boosting with 7 kinds of peptides and low molecular weight marine collagen.

What Makes It Different

* 1 million cells extracted from grape flower cell extracts recover damaged skin and add whitening, elasticity, and gloss to the skin based on solid barriers.


ㆍCell Isolation technology: Separation technology that can differentiate plant cells into plant stem cells and separate them into single-cell units while maintaining the original form of cells after mass culture.
ㆍStage of cell separation technology.
Step 1: Collection of other cells from specific plants.
Step 2: Production of activities from Mother cell through Natural Mechanism.
Step 3: Scale-up by mass sanding process.
Step 4: Isolation of the cell through the separation method.

ㆍIt delivers the activity within the cell into the skin to enhance the skin's safety and efficacy.


USA, D4/5/6 FREE, California prop 65, KOREA


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sephora clean

Texture & Finish

Light Watery



How to Use

* Apply appropriate amount to face.