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Zero Fluid


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This eco-friendly serum takes care of the skin as well as the environment by using naturally derived ingredients and natural emulsifiers made with the Zero Waste process.

What Makes It Different

* Eco-friendly serum made of 95~99% of naturally derived ingredients.
* Natural emulsifiers made by the zero waste production process were applied.
* Free of PEG, silicone, sulfate, and paraben, which is perfect for clean beauty.
* Gracilaria Verrucosa Extract produced by the eco-friendly method provides your skin the intense moisture.


Sustainable Ingredient: MucoMax (Gracilaria Verrucosa Extract)

The MucoMax is farmed in the sea naturally only with water, light, and carbon dioxide (photosynthesis) which is eco-friendly.
Green Process: Photosynthesis during MucoMax production removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Zero-waste: Protein, polysaccharide, pigment, and oil produced from Red Algae extraction can all be upcycled and used as cosmetics ingredients.

ㆍNatural Emulsifier is used to replace PEG: Glycolipids

100% biodegradable.
Mild, natural, fermented sugar ingredient.
Skin friendly & safe for use.
Non Toxic for the environment and skin.


USA, EU, Reach, RSPO, D4/5/6 Free, California Prop 65, Korea


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sephora clean

Texture & Finish

Jelly, Hydrating



How to Use

* Use twice a day, morning and night. Apply to face and neck all over, or where needed.