hepburn liner 2.5

hepburn liner 2.5 image 1
  • Description

    Uniquely designed packaging for Tattooist Liquid formula provides perfect user experience.

  • Benefit

    * Design Patent : D20170026KR.
    * Top filling.
    * Point Tip type smart applicator enables user to pick-up right amount of formula.
    * Cone shape flocking applicator enhances eye line definition.
    * Extra long wand for better consumer usage.
    * Mixing bar inside of bottle prevents separation of formula.
    * Mold is ready for commercialization.
    * Customized shape is also available thru tooling.

  • Fill Weight


  • Dimension

    Cap : Ø 12.00 x 92.80mmBody : Ø 12.00 x 52.80mmSus bar : Ø 3.00 x 20.00mm

  • Material

    Cap : ABS, Body : PET, Rod : PBT, Packing : LDPE, Applicator : FLOCKED SPONGE

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